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What Can I Do?

Send emails and sign the petition

The town has completed a period of public consultation. This wasn't a time when they actively seek what we want but rather waited to see if enough people complain to convince them to change their decision.

This period is over but we can still reach out.

Email the following addresses (all members of council, the mayor, and the CAO who registers all comments):

What should you say? That's entirely up to you. My job was to educate you on the situation to the best of my ability and to present the best option that I could come up with on short notice. It is my hope that you will share this link and share your support for this option. It is your choice though and you are allowed to speak against this project. Either way I ask that you be ethical in your approach, no need for accusations, or attacks on character.

I also hope that you will encourage the town to follow up on properties that have been sold for housing but have not been developed yet. This is a potential solution for the housing and taxation problems and is an accountability issue because the town has sold off land in a way that did not benefit the town as intended.

You can also share this information with everyone you know who may support it.

The petition to save the park will be submitted to the town before the deadline of 4:00Pm Friday January 26th, 2024.

Last I checked we had about 250 signatures on the digital petition in addition to the paper format.

This may not seem like much but the municipal elections only had 1180 voters show up and our councilors received between 558 and 751 votes while our mayor received 0 votes. If we can get to 590 signatures we will have shown that 50% of the number of municipal voters cared enough to vote for this park.

Click here to open the petition in a new window.

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