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Current and Proposed Housing Projects

Within Prescott:

The town of Prescott has sold significant pieces of land specifically for housing over the past few years. I have not inspected the land that has been sold but talking to reliable sources who know about the projects has revealed enough information to be worth sharing here.

The land that has been sold off is enough for "over 100 dwellings", another comment said it was for "hundreds of homes". 

Serviced by Prescott

The township of Augusta has a 300 house subdivision planned in the farm fields West of Prescott that run from highway 2 to the 401.


These will be connected to Prescott and will pay for our services (sewer, water etc). These are not technically part of Prescott but are a direct solution for our housing situation as it is connected to town.

This land has already been purchased and the development it expected to begin in short order.

Current Housing and the impact of new housing developments

According to the 2021 census data our town has a population of 4078 and has 1992 private dwellings. Town officials have said that we have about 2200 so I will use their numbers for benefit of the doubt.

This says that we have an average of 1.85 people per dwelling.

The housing planned in Augusta isn't technically part of Prescott but it will be on Prescott's Sewer system, Prescott's water supply and will be serviced by Prescott's Fire Department. These houses will also be serviced in part by our grocery stores, gas stations, and cafes. Prescott attempted to make this part of Prescott but that deal did not go through. I expect that this will eventually become part of Prescott just as neighbouring communities become part of other growing communities. The topic of Prescott becoming part of the surrounding community comes up from time to time, I believe that it is only a matter of time. Because of all of this information I think that we should include this in the conversation. It doesn't generate the same tax revenue as it would it it were a part of Prescott from the start but they will be paying for our services.

Adding 400+ dwellings is an additional 740 residents to the Prescott area. This is an 18% increase in housing and population. This is also, assuming the new demographic is the same as existing population, an 18% increase in people seeking employment. 

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