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The first book written by JD Van Allen and published by Eden's Refuge!


When undertaking any large project, there is a risk of realizing what your true desire is too late in the process to make any significant changes. This can result in a final product that is not worth the time, energy, and money that you put into it.


In these pages, you will gain the tools to define your values and refine your goals. You will learn about the resources that you already have but may not be aware of. You will learn to find a balance between sustainable practices, and your other goals. This awareness will give you the best chance of designing a truly meaningful project.


We will look exclusively at examples within the context of regenerative agriculture, yet the processes outlined in this book will assist in any project. Whether you are building a house, installing an orchard, or creating a large business; some of these tools will apply to every decision you make.


Have a pen and paper nearby as you read, you are going to need them!



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If you are able to pick your book up in Prescott you canselect the "Local pickup" version and I'll contact you for local pickup.


If you require shipping in North America, select the "Shipped" version which includes shipping in North America in the purchase price (at well below my cost). 

Before The Design

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