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I don't know about you, but I spend a lot of time learning. One of the ways I learn is through books and audiobooks.


This page will be updated over the coming years with books and audiobooks that I have published to help you on your journey. 

The first book isn't the book that I wanted to write first but is the book that I needed to write first because it was the resource that my clients needed but that I couldn't find anywhere on the market.

A second and third books have been started. One is an accompanying text for the first book, the second is the story of discovering my purpose.

There will likely be more books in the future, I'd like to write some technical books on design, and on doing the work that I do. For now, I must tend to the work that is in front of me.

Before The Design

Essential steps before beginning any project

Release Date: Spring 2024
Status: Final Draft Under Review
Before The Design Cover Edited.jpg

About the book:

We all undertake new projects of various sizes yet few of us take the time to understand why we are doing them. It may seem like an unnecessary step yet it can completely redefine your project. 

Be understanding your values and how they affect what you do, you can save time, frustration, and money.

This book will walk you through everything that I do before starting a new project whether it is a major construction project, or something as simple as creating an advertisement. These are the steps that I hope every future client will take before beginning a major project.

Define your values, define your goals, clarify your vision, and take stock of the resources and limitations that apply to you.

Who should read it:

It may seem like an overstatement yet I believe it to be true that anyone who will ever undertake any project should read this book. 

This book uses examples from the permaculture and agriculture fields but applies to every decision that we make 

Formats available:

Soft-cover print will be the first version available this Spring followed by a hard cover version this summer.

Digital formats including Kindle and Audiobook are being worked on but are likely to take many months to complete. It is a vague hope to have these completed before the end of the year but I have other priorities that demand my attention. 


As demand for public speaking rises, I continue to create additional presentations. I currently have a 20-minute and a 60-minute version of the talk prepared. Longer versions would switch to a workshop format which walks participants through the steps in this book.

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