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Eden's Refuge

Eden's Refuge

Eastern Ontario's Permaculture Hub

Eastern Ontario's Permaculture Hub

About Us

Seeking Community and Purpose

We believe that the Garden of Eden was a beautiful, self-fertile system that housed community, food, shelter, purpose, and immense beauty. While the real Garden of Eden may be gone, we still seek the refuge of a place like that and we believe that with intentional design we can have some small sense of that perfection, security, and belonging.

This belief is the driving force behind much of what we do including creating community versions of these natural gardens that will eventually keep our food banks filled with high quality, nutrient-dense food.

Planting a Tree
Nursery and Seeds

Coming Soon:

-Over 5,000 trees and bushes for local projects!

-Annual Seedlings

-Open Pollinated seeds

Timber Framing and Log Cabins
Log Cabin Quebec.jpg

Custom Log cabins and Timber framing projects may be great options for your property whether you want a cabin, a home, a barn, or a micro-barn

Design Solutions and Consultations

-Permaculture Designs

-Edible Landscaping

-Virtual Consultations

-On Site Walk Abouts

-Pre-Purchase Property Assessment

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