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Learn New Skills

In-Person courses and workshops provide another level of support on your journey through community. 


Workshops that are currently available (with sufficient interest)


Beekeeping 101

Do you want to help honeybees thrive in our communities? This hands-on course will give you an introduction to setting up your first hive, adding bees, inspecting your hives, managing pests and diseases.

During the course we will be opening and inspecting at least one colony (weather permitting). Veils and some beekeeping suits will be available for those who wish to use them. 

4 hours



Container Gardening

Growing food in small spaces can be a challenge. This workshop will discuss maximizing the use of space whether it's a small garden, a patio, or a sunny patch in your apartment.

We will discuss soils, containers, plants, and watering so you can keep your plants alive and learn to grow in the space that you have.

Registration in this course includes a copy of Sophie Mckay's book "Beginner's Guide to Successful Container Gardening"

3 hours



Worm Farming/Composting

Worm castings (worm manure) gives a great boost to plants while providing an easy way to compost year round without having to step outside. 

In this workshop you will learn what the worms need to thrive, how to set up a worm composting bin, how to feed/care for it, and how to harvest/use your worm castings!

Registration includes supplies to start your own small worm farm (Container, bedding, grit, food, and worms).

2 hours



Finances 101

Finances are one of the biggest burdens for most individuals and couples. Learn how to create a basic budget and a comprehensive budget so you can tell your money what to do.

Telling your money what to do is a big step towards having the freedom to pursue your dreams and to being more generous.

After we learn to create budgets we will create a realistic plan for getting out of debt and will learn the basics of investing/saving for the future.

3 hours



Seed Starting

Fill in this space with Seed starting stuff

Take home 50 seedlings in a Bootstrap Farmer tray

3 hours


Future Workshops

In person workshops/courses that will become available if enough interest is shown


Making Kombucha


Timber Framing


Grafting Fruit Trees


Sourdough Bread


Basic Building Framing


Propagating Plants


Fresh Salsa


Rainwater Harvesting


Cooking From the Garden

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