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Budgeting to make your dreams possible

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I am convinced that the B-word (Budget) is listed as a swear word in many houses. It isn't something to control you though; it is a tool for controlling your money and telling it what to do (including planning for fun purchases and spending money). A huge barrier to enjoying life and being able to pursue our dreams is finances. I studied finances and spent years running classes, managing investments, and being a financial guide before returning to the land to get away from the ethics of that industry... or lack thereof. The changes that I saw from taking control of your money were massive so this is the foundation for all future finance courses on this website and is also the foundation that you will use to fund your dream. We are going to start with a really simple budget that covered the basic needs for life. This will tell you how much money you need to survive and how much money you have left to work towards your dreams. After that budget is in place we will start making the more detailed plan that will help you pay down debts, save up your emergency fund, buy land, pay for that extra insulation in the attic, go on a vacation, or buy that mob of goats that you have had your eyes on. We will talk a little bit about different money personality types along the way so partners can understand each other's needs and intentions a bit better. After each lesson you will get an email with any information that you may want to have on hand for the next video.

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