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JD From Eden's Refuge here to share some of my needs for getting the property set up followed up by examples of things that I have to offer in exchange.


-Insulation (rigid, or roxul) used is okay so long as it's clean

-Use of a subsoiler

-Steel roofing (used is okay otherwise I'll buy from the local amish)

-50 Gallon steel drum (doesn't need a lid but can't have holes)

-Greenhouse plastic

-Exterior door (the wider the better)

-Electrical wire at least 8' long per piece (14-2, 12-2, 14-3, etc)

Have to offer:


-Young Paw Paw trees (Asimina Triloba)

-Permaculture Design/coaching/advice

-Free attendance to Workshops (beekeeping, composting, timber framing, rocket mass heater, seed starting, permaculture intro, etc)

-Custom milled lumber

-Physical labour

-Reg wriggler worms

-Kombucha SCOBY

If you need anything else just ask and we may be able to work out a barter!


Have extra soap from your last batch and are looking for see...


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