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Pre-Purchase Land Assessment

Choosing the right land for your permaculture property or homestead is crucial, and that's where a Pre-Purchase Land Assessment comes in.


There are many factors that we may not think about when purchasing land and it is really easy to get emotional about a land purchase and ignore something that could make or break your plans for your homestead, farm, or orchard.

Our Pre-Purchase Land Assessment will help you make an informed decision and avoid costly mistakes. We analyze the land's water table levels, wind and sun exposure, and identify hidden gems that may be an asset to your property. 

Let us help you choose the best location for your home, orchard, barn, and more. Contact us today to schedule your assessment.

Water table close to surface dead trees_edited.jpg

Water Table Depth

Water is incredibly important, but so is a lack of water. 

Most fruit trees benefit from having at least 4' of well drained soil before hitting water. If the water is too high it will drown the root system and kill the tree.

One test that we like to do is to dig a 4-5'deep hole (less than 1' in diameter) near the beginning of the assessment so we can see if it fills with water. We'll take soil samples from this hole and will fill it back in before leaving.

Water table low, healthy trees_edited.jpg
Black Soil
Dead clay soil.png

Soil Analysis

Soil is the host for much of the life on a farm. We can restore and rebuild dead soil but it's important to know what we are starting with. 

Sometimes we will order soil tests but most of the time we will be looking at the soil composition to understand its potential. 

Soil is generally a combination of sand, clay, and loam; the ratios of these components will help us understand how compatible it is with your goals.

Soil with seeds.png
Wind blowing over windbreak of trees.png


Wind, rain, water runoff, frost pockets, noise, etc

Soil with seeds.png

Request an Appointment

Request an appointment with a permaculture designer to assess if the land you are looking at aligns with your goals.

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